Make your appointment online, drop off your payment in the deposit box, then enjoy a blissfull 45 minutes with your best friend.  He'll reward you by being  worn out and completely satisfied physically, as well as mentally.
1. Make your appointment
Use the button at the top of the page to make your appointment choices.  Be sure to save your email confirmation.  It's your link to cancel or change your appointment.

Photo by Tracey Reinke Photography

2.  Forms and envelopes
The 3 easy registration forms and envelopes are provided at each space.  Only fill out these forms the first time you come.  You can also print them in advance by going to the above link. Fill out the provided envelope every time.  This will ensure your payment is credited to you.  Place them all in the deposit box along with your payment, also at each space.  Cash and checks written to My Dog And Me Park accepted.  Bring exact change.
Here is how it works
Both the Indoor Playground and Outdoor park are set up as self-serve.  Being courteous to others, cleaning up after your dog and leaving the park the way you found it ensures a great experience for everyone.
3.  Arrive and leave on time
There is a built-in buffer between appointments for you to come and go without conflict.  This works great if you are prompt.  Be sure to cancel if you cannot make it.  That time slot will be blocked for others to use if you don't.


Outdoor Park

​Open sunrise to sunset 7 days a week
Indoor Playground

​Open from 6am to 9:45pm 7 days a week.
East Madison WI

7451 Fankhauser Rd
Madison WI 53718

​In the center of 150 peaceful acres

Park Rules

1. Payment for the park must be in the deposit box before use.

2.  Registration, waiver and park rules forms must be signed and in the deposit box or on file before using the park.  
3. All dogs must be kept on a leash coming and going from the park.

4. ​Please clean up after your dog.

5. ​Be Prompt.  The person before and after you are counting on it.

6.Please have the courtesy to cancel your appointment if you cannot make it.       Someone else may be interested in that time slot.  You will be required to pay for a missed appointment.

7. Be considerate of the people before and after you.  Their dog(s) may be nervous or not be dog or people friendly.  Give them space and keep your dog(s) in your car until they leave.

8. Female dogs in heat or sick dogs are not allowed.  Dogs under 4 months of age that are not fully vaccinated are not allowed.

9. No digging at the Indoor Playground.  Do not allow your dog to dig along the fence at the Outdoor Park.  There is a designated area at the Outdoor Park for digging.

10. No ball launching devices at the Indoor Park.  No humans allowed on the Indoor Playground equipment.  Do not allow your dog to destroy the toys.     

11. Never leave your dog alone in the park.

12. No climbing on the fence at the Outdoor Park

13. No human food, glass containers or smoking of any kind.

14. Children are to be closely supervised and kept within the park.

15. All dogs must be fully vaccinated and licensed.  I recommend an owner ID tag.

16. Failure to follow the rules may result in being banned from using the park.

17. Have Fun!! 

About Me
My Passion
Hi, my name is Sharon.  Dogs have been a big part of me my whole life.  I experimented with grooming my poodle when I was a teen.  Next I went to dog grooming school in Chicago.  I groomed for 30 years, raised many litters of St. Poodles and Englsh Springer Spaniels and showed them in both obedience and conformation. ​​

Now that I am retired, I have more time to spend with my dogs.  As a Director with Midwest Area Pit Stop I continue to feed my passion for what fuels my soul.  All dogs matter.  They give me more than I could ever give them back. There is nothing better than the unconditional love of a dog! 
We own a large farm on the east side of Madison and my favorite thing to do is to enjoy it with my dogs.  It's my way of giving back to them, for all they do for me.  About 5 years ago I decided I wanted to share what I enjoy most.....just, My Dog(s) And Me. 

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.