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'My Dog and Me' Park Rules

1. All dogs must be kept on a leash until securely in the park with the gate latched. The same on your return to your car. I highly recommend a waist leash. There is a grooming shop nearby with dogs coming and going.

2. Please, please clean up after your dog. There are bags available near the entrance.  

3. Be prompt. If you need to fill out forms, arrive a little early to do so.  5 minutes is plenty of time.  Exit immediately at the end of your reserved time. The next person is relying on your promptness.

4. Please have the courtesy to cancel your appointment if you cannot make it. Someone else may be interested in your time slot.  You may be required to pay for a missed appointment.

5. Do not allow your dog to destroy the toys or equipment.

6. Absolutely no dog(s) is to be left alone in the park. If you need to leave the park for any reason, take your dog with you, on a leash.

7. Keep your dog(s) in your car until the previous user has their dog in their car. Not all dogs like other dogs.

8. Do not allow your dog to dig along the fence (outdoor). There is a designated digging spot. No digging in the Indoor Playground

9. No climbing on the fence by you or your dog(s) (outdoor).

10. Payment for the use of the park is required before use.

11. There must be a signed waiver, park rules and registration form on file or in the payment box before using the park.

12. Female dogs in heat, sick dogs, puppies under 4 months of age and dogs not fully vaccinated are not allowed in the park.

13. Human food, glass containers and smoking prohibited. Pick up any discarded treats in the Indoor Park.  

14. Children are to be closely supervised at all times.  No humans allowed on the equipment in the Indoor Park.

15. Dogs must be licensed, vaccinated against rabies and wear an owner ID tag.

16. Failure to abide by the rules may result in being barred from using the park again in the future.

17. Most important, HAVE FUN!!!