'My Dog and Me' Park

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A Private Dog Park For Just You And Your Dog

Welcome to Madison's first private dog park.  Are you looking for a safe place to exercise your dog without all the hassles that go along with the public parks?  Maybe you are looking for somewhere to train your hunting dog or your dog loves to chase a ball or frisbee.  You can't find a safe place to do these things?  Well here it is!  The park is located just 1 mile east of Madison, just off Highway AB (Buckeye Rd).  You can rent the park in 45 minute time slots for just yourself and your dog(s) or share with a friend of your choice. 


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What To Expect

The Outdoor Park is a little under an acre and fenced 5 feet tall with no-climb (small openings) wire. 

Mowed walking paths through prairie grasses and flowers. 

 Benches to sit on.

A canopy for shade.

Fresh country air.

Long grass to hide and play in.

Great smells for your dog.

A designated digging area.

A pool for your dog to cool off in (spring though summer)

Available drinking water for your dog (spring through summer) 

You could see an occasional deer, turkey or Sandhill Crane

See bluebirds or pheasants among other wildlife.

Lots of peace and quiet.


The Indoor Playground has equipment and toys to stimulate your dogs mind and body


Weave Poles

Pause Table

Teeter Totter 

Tire Jump

Rope Pull

Space for ball throwing




A fun place to run and explore

The  Outdoor Park is left semi-natural to give your dog/s places to explore and smell.  It's also a fun place to play "hide and seek" with them.  Click the above picture for a larger view.  


Does your dog have a favorite friend?  How about you?  You are more than welcome to share your time at the park with someone of your choice.  No more sharing with random dogs or people like at the public parks.