'My Dog and Me' Park

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A Private Dog Park For Just You And Your Dog

Welcome to Madison's only private dog park.  If you are looking for a safe place to exercise your dog without all the hassles that go along with the public parks, then here it is.  We have both an Indoor Playground and an Outdoor Park to exercise your dog's mind and body.  You have it all to yourself and your dog(s) or you can share with a friend of your choice. The park is located just 1 mile east of Madison, just off Highway AB (Buckeye Rd).


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What To Expect

The Outdoor Park is a little under an acre with a 5 foot fence.  

Mowed Paths



Shaded entrance

Peace and quiet

Swimming pool during warm weather


The Indoor Playground has a dirt floor in an unheated 150 X 35 ft building

 High Jump

Weave Poles

Pause Table

Teeter Totter 

Tire Jump

Rope Pull

Space for ball throwing

A variety of toys

Activity books




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The  Outdoor Park is left semi-natural to give your dog(s) places to explore and smell.  The Indoor Playground has play equipment and toys to stimulate your dogs mind.   


Both the Indoor and Outdoor spaces are set up as self-serve.  Make your appointment, arrive on time and drop your payment in the box, then enjoy a full stress free 45 minutes.  Leave well before the next person and dog arrive.  There is a 15 minute buffer built into the schedule for those that would like to avoid other dogs and people.