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The Outdoor Park is open Sunrise to Sunset



Summer prices for Outdoor Park -  May 1st-October 31st


Monday - Friday

Sunrise - 8:45am  $20 / 45 minutes (peak)

9am - 3:45pm  $15 / 45 minutes    

(off peak)

4 pm to sunset $20/ 45 minutes



Weekends and Holidays

Daylight Hours  $20 / 45 minutes



All time slots start on the hour



Winter prices for Outdoor Park - November 1st-April 30th 


All daylight hours are $15 per 45 minutes.

(off peak)


All time slots start on the hour

The rates are divided into "peak" and "off-peak" time slots for the Outdoor Park


"Peak" time slots refer to early mornings and late afternoon to sunset, Monday-Friday.  It also includes weekends and holidays.  Summer only.


"Off-peak" time slots are 9am to 3:45pm during the day Monday - Friday in the Summer and all Winter hours


Multiple Dogs

All of the above prices are for up to two dogs at a time.  

There is an extra charge of $3 per dog for over two dogs.


Most dogs are unsure the very first time they come to visit.  They will hang close to you and maybe even go to the gate, seeming like they want to go home.  This is normal.  You are doing something strange and different.  They don't understand why, or if you are planning to leave them.  Consider coming back for a second visit.  They will get the idea they are here for FUN and nothing bad is going to happen : )


Package Pricing

5 off-peak time slots are $60

5 peak time slots are $80

 not transferable