Outdoor Park

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Here are some ideas on how to best enjoy your time at the Outdoor Park

Come and enjoy the outdoors from your dog's point of view

Water, water and more water

Be sure to bring water for yourself and your dog.  A dish for your dog's water is also a good idea.  Playing in the park is thirsty work!  Don't forget to take your dish with you when you leave.  Spring through fall there is water available at the front of the park.  There is also a pool for your dog to cool off in.

A Towel

You or your dog/s may get dirty.  It might be a good idea to have an old towel with you to wipe off your dog(s) and yourself.  Even a change of shoes may be smart. 


I have supplied a small variety of toys for your use.  If your dog tends to destroy certain toys, please leave them for others.


Tennis balls and launchers are great but keep in mind that parts of the park are left natural and they may get lost.  Very bight colored balls work the best. 

Hide and Seek

One of my favorite games to play with my dogs is "Hide and Seek".  When my dog is preoccupied with something else I will duck into the long grass.  I lay there and listen to him running back and forth trying to figure out where I went.  Then the fun part.  He finds me and jumps on me, licking my face!  Once your dog catches on to this game he may not let you out of his sight.  A bonus.  A fun game that teaches your dog to pay attention to you.

The "Dugout"

Do you have a dog that loves to dig?  Are you tired of filling in the holes in your yard?  There is a designated area for your dog to dig to his hearts content.  Bring a favorite toy to bury and encourage your dog to "find it".  Or you can get down on all fours and show him how it's done.  He will be sure to join you.  Please keep this activity in the designated area so everyone knows where to expect to step in a hole : ) 

Just enjoying the outdoors

There are several benches you can sit on with your dog and just take in the view and songbirds.  Enjoy the country air and solitude.