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Here is the way it works


First be sure to read over the "Rates" page for the outdoor park so you are familiar with the price breakdowns according to season, peak time slots, off peak time slots and package discounts.  This will help you make the right choices when booking your appointment.                                                                                          


Click on the link below, pick your time slot and fill out the remainder of the form. If you cannot make your appointment and you want to reschedule or cancel, go to the confirmation email you received to do both. This would really be helpful because the time slot you chose will be blocked out on the calendar for others to choose unless you reschedule or cancel.


Once you click on the "reservation" button below, the page that opens will have our address and a map.  The map and your GPS will bring you to Fankhauser Rd.  Turn here.  It's all the way to the end of the road.  The Indoor Playground is the large barn to your left and the Outdoor park is straight ahead.  


There is a built-in 15 minute gap between appointments, so there is plenty of time for people and dogs to come and go from the park.  Promptness makes this work like a charm for those that want to avoid confrontations.  


Everybody must fill out 3 forms before using the park.  You can click on the "Forms" page to download and print or they are located in the mailbox along with the payment envelopes.  After your very first visit you only need to make your appointment and place your payment in the black box.   ALWAYS fill out an envelope, even if no payment is due.  On the left side of the mailbox is a locked black box for the forms and envelopes.  I will keep them on file.    


Feel free to email, text or call me about any concerns.  I want you to have a great time with your best friend!


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  Enjoy your time with your dog!



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