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Here is the way it works


Both the Indoor Playground and Outdoor Park are self-serve.  Use the "Book Appointment" button below to make your reservation. 


When you arrive the forms, payment envelopes and deposit box are at both spaces.  You only need to fill out the 3 registration forms the first time you come.  They are available at the park or you can click on the "Forms" above to download them.  Leave them in the deposit box along with your payment.  ALWAYS fill out an envelope so I know you arrived.  Checks made out to My Dog And Me Park, and cash are accepted.  Be sure to bring exact amount.


There is a built-in 15 minute gap between appointments, so there is plenty of time for people and dogs to come and go from both areas.  Promptness makes this work like a charm for those that want to avoid confrontations.  Please give each other space if you do meet up with someone.


Be sure to come all the way to the end of Fankhauser Rd.  Your GPS might tell you you've arrived before you get to the end.  The Indoor Playground is the first building on your left with a marked parking spot.  The Outdoor Park is straight ahead with marked parking.


 Our address is 7451 Fankhauser Rd, Madison

email: mydogandmepark.com

phone: 608-333-9611


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  Enjoy your time with your dog!



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Exact change or check accepted